Butler Scientifics

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We are data explorers. We develop AutoDiscovery, an automated smart comprehensive exploratory data analysis tool that helps teams to unveil clinically relevant associations that are hidden in the data. We are applying AutoDiscovery to a myriad of different applications ranging from neurosciences to oncology, from clinical operations to biomedical research. Surrounding AutoDiscovery, we provide additional Data Science services such as: – Software engineering (e.g. development of data collection / reporting tools) – Statistics (e.g. training, data preparation, statistical reporting) – Artificial intelligence (e.g. optimized models to classify patients, prevent risks, etc.)

Type of expertise/capacity sought:

We are looking for companies willing to: – Coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender, lacking data analytics providers. – Improve their strategy and performance on data analytics / data science. – Boost their research area by adding the capabilities of the automated data exploration.

Market presence: National
The company is willing to promote and or coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender? No
The company is willing to share further information under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes
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Organisation size:

Micro (less than 10 employees and less or equal than 2M€ turnover)

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Contact person:

Ray G. Butler