Fundación Trilema

Private Company

Trilema Health is the healthcare unit of the Trilema Group, whose two main areas are patient education and healthcare technology. We educate the patient in disease management. We have designed and developed training products of media and eLearning services that educate patients through our own eLearning platform and campus. We also have our own audiovisual production department. Trilema salud has developed a Healthcare technology adapted by processes. It offers remote patient monitoring and management, alerts, Apps for patients for self-management of the disease, personalization and adaptation of a plan by pathological profile or route, and communication between patients and professionals. In addition, Trilema Salud has a module for social and health care, Smarthome and medical devices. It is present in more than 50 hospitals in 4 different countries. It has worked in 12 therapeutic areas and more than 40 diseases.

Type of expertise/capacity sought:

We are looking for potential partners to create a consortium.

Market presence: International
The company is willing to promote and or coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender? Yes
The company is willing to share further information under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes

Organisation details:


Open platform for data management

Organisation size:

Micro (less than 10 employees and less or equal than 2M€ turnover)

Headquarters country:

Spain (Valencia & Sevilla)



Contact person:

Victoria Martínez Lloret