iGrant.io (LCubed AB)

Public Company

iGrant.io is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) enabled consented data exchange platform with auditable data agreements, helping organisations unlock the value of personal data. The key value propositions offered by the iGrant.io platform are: – Automated compliance by reducing the risk of non-compliance to data regulation regarding personal data usage, for example, by linking Data Agreements to a legally endorsed DPIA process. Data Agreements could be based on consent as a legal basis. – Improved access to high-quality personal data by providing transparency and empowering users to control data usage. – SSI-enabled personal data exchange where companies can leverage personal data assets legally for advanced personalisation. – End-user SDKs (e.g. Data Wallets, User preference centre) that can be embedded into existing mobile applications and portals. As a certified MyData Operator, iGrant.io also drives interoperability via the MyData community, DIF and Trust-Over-iP.

Type of expertise/capacity sought:

We are part of a consortium with Swedish partners. We are looking for a GTM partner in Spain and Norway.

Market presence: National, European, International
The company is willing to promote and or coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender? No
The company is willing to share further information under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes

Organisation details:


Open platform for data management

Organisation size:

Small (less than 50 employees and less or equal than 10M€ turnover)

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Contact person:

Lotta Lundin