Value for Health CoLAB

Research or Technology Center

Value for Health CoLAB provides research services to develop telemonitoring pilots with health institutions. In each of the pilots that we have participated in, we were responsible for the following: – Selecting the outcomes and the measurement instruments for the patients with the clinical team; – Using implementation science methods to develop digital platforms to receive patient data and allow the clinical team to analyze it and write clinical notes. Its features were developed in co-creation with the clinical team to allow them to validate them; – Performing a cost analysis to evaluate the value of the service to the patient. The areas of the pilots were cardiac surgery and heart failure, hipocoagulation, and elderly care. We have experience in developing health literacy content for the patient, designing patient pathways, and working with patient associations and healthcare teams.

Type of expertise/capacity sought:

Software development, medical devices and apps, data infrastructure.

Market presence: European
The company is willing to promote and or coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender? No
The company is willing to share further information under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes
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Organisation details:


Follow-up and motivation of patients

Organisation size:

Micro (less than 10 employees and less or equal than 2M€ turnover)

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Pedro Dias