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We have been working on an experimental solution to detect Covid-19 from cough, breathe and voice analysis and in this scope, we gained a deep knowledge of human audio samples processing and quality check and an understanding of vocal biomarkers and their application in the respiratory diseases detection and monitoring. We are now building a monitoring App for Asthma, focused on breatht excercise and breath analysis, with the ultimate goal of making s medical grate test like spirometry available from the smartphone, enabling rural areas to have access to such monitoring tools by just using their phone. We evaluated, among our possible future evolution of the product, a service dedicated to COPD but, for low patients access, we switched to Asthma. Our technology for analysis the audio is ready and the main adaptation would be on making it available for a elder target group, and on feasibility analysis of our breathe and cough analysis on COPD patients. VoiceMed is developing a mobile app with the aim of offering a digital coach that supports improving the symptoms of asthma patients with personalized breathing programs and feedback, establish a routine with engaging techniques for managing their asthma, and a digital space to map symptoms and triggers and, The App is connected with a machine learning model that analyzes the breathing and provides a breathing score with the aim of forecasting attacks before those happen in further releases. The added value is the effectiveness of a medical-grade test and respiratory program combined with an easy to use and fun technology available on any digital device. This allows extending service to a higher number of patients with high cost-effectiveness. Our idea is to develop a similar products, applying the same principles and methodologies to the COPD patients identified as target group of CRANE, adjustng the service to their peculiarities. Our solution is composed by a back-end offering a set of APIs, that could be integrated in third parties front end, and a front-end that is guiding the user trough the pulmonary rehabilitation, our best integration would foresee a co-developement of the front-end to ensure the UX to the final user in the way that we expect.

Type of expertise/capacity sought:

We are looking for complementary solution addressing other diseases such as CVD or Diabetes that could complement our solution, moreover we would need support for the adherence to relevant standard for the health sector and security developement for the back-end, we are looking for a consortium leader and applicant due to our small company dimension.

Market presence: European
The company is willing to promote and or coordinate a Consortium for the CRANE tender? Yes
The company is willing to share further information under a Non Disclosure Agreement? Yes
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Medical devices & apps

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Micro (less than 10 employees and less or equal than 2M€ turnover)

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Arianna Arienzo