We are delighted to inform that the podcasts from our public sessions onboard the ‘Mester Rønne’ at the Old Town House pier in Arendal, last 16-18 August during Arendalsuka 2022, are now available for listening.
Our three public presentations are available at the following links (Please note that all three podcasts were conducted in Norwegian/Swedish) with the common focus in:

Can sharing and use of health data solve tomorrow’s challenges in the Health care and Social care sector?

Kan deling og bruk av helsedata løse morgendagens utfordringer i helsesektoren på Agder?

Day 1 – What is CRANE about

by Mr Andreas Lundquist, Unit Manager in Västerbotten Rural Medicine Center and Mr Niclas Forsling CRANE Project coordinator.

Day 2 – Our Big Formal Presentation
A conversation with Anders Tunold-Hanssen, Project Manager NIP, Nordic Interoperability Programme, Marit Svindland, Project Manager, Innovation Partnerships Agder, Maria Nilsson, special advisor, NordForsk. Conductor:
Niclas Forsling, Project Coordinator CRANE, Project Manager iHAC, Region Västerbotten.

Day 3 – A follow up conversation
A conversation with Andreas Lundquist, Unit Manager in Rural Medicine Center Västerbotten, Christine Gustafsson, Professor, Sophiahemmet Högskola, Christine Widding Kaspersen, Project coordinator, Project Digital Home Monitoring Agder. Conductor: Niclas Forsling, Project coordinator CRANE, project manager iHAC, Region Västerbotten.