CRANE Phase 1 concluded in Abril 2023. During an intense period of 4 months, the five selected projects (dHSDI, Data for Care, MyRuralHealth, Habeats and Antigone) strived and hard worked with the contracting regions in the co-design of CRANE solution. The outcome of this work was its proposal for the CRANE Phase 2 implementation submitted for evaluation to the CRANE Consortium at the end of April 2023.

This was followed by an intense assesment by the CRANE procuring regions supported by internal and external experts. We have to remark the outstanding level of the project proposals for Phase 2, that showed a large interest, understanding and alignment to the CRANE core vision among the tenderers.

The three selected projects that have proceed to Phase 2 in our Kick Off meeting on the 4th of September 2023 are introduced below

Decentralised Health Data Space Infrastructure- dHDSI project

The dHDSI proposal, aims to establish a Health Data Space enabling an open, secure and auditable health data ecosystem for patients, Caregivers and researchers, focussing on improved self-management and integrated care for patients with chronic disease.

The fundamental problem these stakeholders face is not a lack of data but access to relevant data, often locked in organisational silos due to legal, technical or cultural challenges. The dHDSI solution addresses these issues and brings in the following benefits:

For patients, it provides a self-management solution and empowers them to control and share their primary and secondary data. Treatments can be personalised by collecting data from multiple sources and sharing insights with the caregiver without compromising privacy and digital rights concerns.

For organisations, the CRANE data space makes endpoints and services discoverable via the data marketplace, powered by data intermediaries as per the EU Data Governance Act, while addressing critical data regulations in a scalable manner.

MyRuralHealth project
MyRuralHealth aims to provide a comprehensive solution that enables the monitoring and follow- up of patients with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease between regular visits by medical staff, as well as empowerment and self-management of patients and their caregivers, in rural areas.

It is a solution focused on generating a data space with access for citizens to share their data freely, under a consolidated framework specifically designed and evaluated to apply evidence-based knowledge and innovations, enabling citizens to take care of themselves.

Through it, services and tools are incorporated to empower citizens for their own self-management and care. This will enable data- driven self- management of three chronic diseases (diabetes, CVD and COPD), with the common thread of personalised care plan monitoring and ubiquitous use of personal data, communication and data sharing with health and social care services and other relevant entities, feedback and recommendations on health status, and motivation for behavioural change.

Data for care project

The Data For Care solution is a new technological solution which aspires to revolutionize the way that today personal data are generated, stored, accessed and elaborated within the health care domain.

The solution will pave the way for a sustainable data- driven society with a new balance between protecting and using data. Data For Care will provide a platform to facilitate citizens control over their own data, thereby facilitating their ethical use for promoting the single market of digital health services and products and leveraging data value for care provision, health and social care policy making. The solution is currently built on the existing Data For Good platform, which is already highly innovative both in terms of technologies adopted (cutting edge blockchain and Secure Multiparty Computation – MPC – solutions) and governance (Data For Good Foundation is a not-for-profit organization inspired by the highest ethical and transparency standards).

CRANE wants to thank all the projects and stakeholders for their commitment during Phase 1. We are eager to see the ideas materialize during this Phase 2 and the entire CRANE consortium will be supporting them to flourish in the best possible way.

Stay tuned for the novelties!