Data Spaces are gaining mometum all across Europe, with many ongoing research and related deployment activities. In this news we highlight two public tenders related to CRANE concept.

45M€ for Health Data Lake Services

Spain is opening, in short time, a public tender for the provision of a solution to implement the national Health Data Lake services. The tender goal is the instantiation of a National Health Data Lake and the provision of support services for it.

The solution should be able to collect data from the health related information systems and carry out big data processing and analysis on it, with the final objective of pathologies identification and improvement of diagnosis and treatment, always with the citizen in mind.

The pre-anouncement can be found in the Ted’s platform while all the details will be published in the Spanish electronic tendering platfrom.

According to the Spanish goverment, this is the first step in a long term strategy, the provision of the tecnology infrastructure needed by the regional health authorities. Then projects for the big data processing of the generated health data will be launched, looking for synergies between public and private sectors as well as the engagement of research centers.

The final objective is to obtain health massive analysis capability able to identify risk factors, trends and potential health risk situations.

In line with the above, the Spanish Data Protection Agency published in May 2023 a comprehensive guideline in order to help private and public stakeholders fulfilling their obligations related to the design and implementation of Data Spaces. It can be found in Spanish here.

1,5M€ for Capacity Building services

HaDEA has published the call for tenders HADEA/2023/OP/0024 “Capacity building for secondary uses of health data for the European Health Data Space” with submission deadline on the 24th of October 2023 16.00 CEST.

The capacity building activities target staff in health data access bodies (HDABs) and people with a platform to reach out to stakeholders involved in the secondary use of health data (EHDS2 ambassadors). 

The purpose of the call is to strengthen and standardise their skills through the transfer and creation of knowledge and the exchange of best practices on five digital business capabilities, all of which are crucial for the secondary use of health data.

The requested services include the: 

– Preparation of training materials and delivery of trainings;
– Preparation of materials to support local implementations;
– Verification and monitoring of local implementations.

You can access the tender portal directly from here.

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