CRANE is an H2020 PRE-COMMERCIAL PROCUREMENT European project that aims to develop an integrated self-management model to improve chronic patient’s wellbeing

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Crane Tender

On the 5th of September 2022 CRANE Tender has been published. It will remain open until the 6th of November 2022 23.59 CET. Please click below for more information

Crane at glance

Crane in brief


CRANE will exploit the potential of health related data and procure the design of an all-in-one value-based service to create an integrated care model to improve chronic patient’s wellbeing.


Three buyer public health organizations supported by Four highly experienced expert entities will look after the success of CRANE during the project execution.

Main Dates

The kick-off of the project was the 1st of June 2021 and It will last until the 31st May 2026. The OMC is scheduled to start on March 2022 and to end by June 2022, and the call for tenders publication is expected on August 2022.

Pre-commercial Procurements

iCRANE will launch its Call for Tenders in Summer 2022. In Phase 1 we will invite Five bidders with 50,000€ budget each for the development of a feasibility study. In Phase 2 each of the Three selected proposals from Phase 1 will get 500,000€ to develop a Prototype. Finally in Phase 3 Two suppliers will be selected with 1,45M€ for a Field Testing.


Before launching our Call for Tenders, CRANE will get together with industry and stakeholders for ensuring that there is sufficient understanding of the needs of CRANE, that our approach is in scope of the industry capacities and that we manage to gather sufficient critical mass of bidders for delivering high quality results.


CRANE will make a direct impact on patients with chronic conditions or at risk of it, health and social care systems, local supply chains and industry. Chronic patients in rural areas will have access to self-management to improve their wellbeing. The health and social care systems will optimize their resources and increase their capacity. Local supply chains will have access to innovative production and the European industry will be able to boost its solutions and join forces with the -difficult to access- public sector.

Concept-Building Blocks

PCP Process

Stay tuned

Key Dates

PCP call for tenders

31st of August 2022

CRANE OMC Brokerage Sesssion

8th of June 2022

International OMC event

11th of May 2022

Spanish OMC event

5th of May 2022

Norwegian OMC event

3rd of May 2022

Swedish OMC event

27th of April 2022


18th April 2022 – 20th June 2022

Value-based healthcare Workshop in Extremadura (Spain)

29th November 2021

Patients and Health professionals Workshop in Agder (Norway)

18th November 2021

Clinicians Workshop in Västerbotten (Sweden) 

15th November 2021

End-users Workshop in Jarandilla (Extremadura, Spain) 

10th November 2021

Kick off

1st June 2021

More CRANE related Tenders

Data Spaces are gaining mometum all across Europe, with many ongoing research and related deployment activities. In this news we highlight two public tenders related to CRANE concept. 45M€ for Health Data Lake Services Spain is opening, in short time, a public tender...

CRANE Phase 2 Kick Offs

CRANE Phase 1 concluded in Abril 2023. During an intense period of 4 months, the five selected projects (dHSDI, Data for Care, MyRuralHealth, Habeats and Antigone) strived and hard worked with the contracting regions in the co-design of CRANE solution. The outcome of...

Details from CRANE tender awardees

After a rigorous assessment period, the CRANE team finally announced on the 23rd of January the 5 selected bids out of the 21 proposals received during its tender process. Our awardees comprehend and fully embrace the CRANE vision. They will assist us to develop an...

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Project status


PHASE 0: Stakeholder engagement and PCP preparation


PHASE 1: Design and monitoring


PHASE 2: Development


PHASE 3: Validation in natural environment

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